Bapco Refining 12 Jan 2024

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Bapco Modernization Program (BMP)


The Bapco Modernization Program (BMP) is the largest energy investment in the history of the Kingdom of Bahrain and will upgrade the existing refinery into a world-class, top-quartile refinery with reduced energy intensity.

The BMP's objectives include increasing refining capacity from 267,000 barrels per day to 380,000 bpd – a 42% increase – and to enhance the product slate, and improve the Energy Efficiency Index by up to 28%. The BMP also includes 21 new operating units and 15 new substations.

A standout feature of BMP is the Resid Hydrocracking unit, which will convert 78% of lower-grade feedstock into distillates, which will then be refined into high-margin diesel and kerosene.

"The refinery, once completed, will be one of the most efficient, complex, and modern refineries in the region. We are excited about the opportunities this investment will bring to the Kingdom."

His Highness Shaikh Nasser bin Hamad Al Khalifa His Majesty’s Representative for Humanitarian Work and Youth Affairs, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Bapco Energies

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